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Ahhh… Montreal and food!
Montrealers place a high value on the art of dining with family and friends. We have a richer culinary landscape than most North American cities. If you like the pleasures of the table, regardless of the size of your appetite or budget, you’ll be in heaven in Montreal. The city has some 6,000 restaurants. Here the key word is Choice. Whether you want an inexpensive eatery, haute cuisine, or something in between, many choices await you in Montreal. Indeed Montrealers love to go out and eat out! It’s the way many live. You may partake in this convivial culture without having to go far from Boulanger Bassin Bed and Breakfast.
Buying Wine

There are two methods to buy wine in Montreal. The Provincial Government regulates this business through the SAQ (la Société des alcools du Québec). Their outlets are conveniently situated on commercial streets throughout the City of Montreal and many are close to this Montreal Bed and Breakfast. The wine sold an SAQ Outlet is bottled by a producing winery or co-op where the grapes are grown.

The second method is a SAQ product found in the grocery stores and convenience stores called dépanneurs. The SAQ imports these wines in bulk and blends, bottles and distributes to these stores. Generally speaking, you’ll find greater variety and quality at the SAQ outlets. There are two formats, Express and Classique. The Classique SAQ stores are larger and offer a larger variety of more specialized stock. We have both formats in our neighbourhood. Their staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to help you find the bottle of wine to take with you to enhance your dining pleasure.


For those who enjoy wine with their meal, quite a few of Montreal restaurants have a permit authorizing patrons to Bring Your Own Bottle of Wine. You can always find what you need at a nearby liquor store or even at the corner grocery. This proves to be a winning formula. Some of my European guests can’t get over this—they think it’s great. “What a novel idea!” say those who can’t imagine bringing their own bottle of wine to a restaurant. “It just isn’t done.” Well, here it is done and you can enjoy this rare freedom. In fact, many of the wonderful restaurants situated right around our Bed and Breakfast on the Mont-Royal Plateau hold this type of licence. Some happen to be among my favourite Montreal Restaurants.

Favorite Local BYOB Montreal Restaurants

Le P’tit Plateau and Khyber Pass are in easy walking distance of Boulanger Bassin Bed and Breakfast. Each one is small, with about fifteen tables. Weekends are very busy and it’s best to reserve. There are two seatings on weekends. The first is 17:30 to 18:30; the second seating begins at 20:30. Khyber Pass is open seven days a week and the entire summer. Le P’tit Plateau is closed Mondays and the entire month of August.

All have a table d’hôte —the “host’s selection”— including first course (usually soup or salad), main dish, dessert and beverage. Prices do not include taxes (15%) or service which typically is 15% of the pre-tax total. The service charge is never included on the bill, so it’s up to you. These Montreal restaurants offer French cuisine. Khyber Pass is mid-eastern, and Le P’tit Plateau features southern French cuisine. Both are fabulous! I’ve recommended these Montreal restaurants many times to guests at my Bed and Breakfast and I’m confident that you will have memorable experiences.

The cosmopolitan nature of the City of Montreal, with people from all over the world, gives us a wide variety of restaurants. This gastronomical aspect is an important element of life here, and an integral activity of life on Le Plateau Mont-Royal. Literally hundreds of Montreal restaurants are found within walking distance from this Bed and Breakfast. Half a block from Boulanger Bassin Bed and Breakfast, is a wonderful cafe at La maison des cyclistes. Half a block the opposite way is Kamela Couscous, where Ali the chef offers the best Couscous Royale in town. Further up de Brébeuf Street on Mont Royal Avenue is designer pizza, takeout sushi, sushi in a convenience store, a tapas bar, Asian sit down or takeout. That’s within two square blocks! Should you venture further to Duluth Avenue, a ten-minute walk through Lafontaine Park, you find everything from Afghan Kurd to Indo-French.

If local traditional cuisine interests you, try Au pied de Cochon, also on Duluth Avenue, the name (“At the Pig’s Foot”!) is misleading—they have fabulous sea food platters! Not far on Saint Laurent Boulevard is Schwartz’s Hebrew Delicatessen, famous for their smoked meat. The Hungarian Deli a few doors south makes great sausage on a Kaiser. If sandwiches are your thing, Café Santropole on Saint Urbain Street at Duluth Avenue is a good place with one of the most charming summer outdoor garden-restaurants in Montreal.


For guests wishing to guarantee their reservation by credit, I invoice with Paypal.

  • An itemized receipt including sales and lodging tax is issued on arrival.
  • Should you cancel or shorten your reservation less then seven (7) days prior to arrival, your deposit is non refundable.
  • I require a single night rate (pre tax) to guarantee a reservation.
  • Payment via INTERAC e-Transfer for Canadian accounts is the preferred method.
  • Personal checks in Canadian dollars can be mailed to the BnB.
  • Credit Card payment via Mastercard and VISA is processed at time of arrival.

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Boulanger Bassin Bed & Breakfast | 4293 de Brébeuf Street Mtl, H2J 3K6

© Boulanger Bassin 2020 | Celebrating 20 years!
Boulanger Bassin Bed & Breakfast | 4293 de Brébeuf Street Mtl, H2J 3K6